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The story of Mokku Yarn

Here is the story of Mokku Yarn, and maybe something about the dyer also.

I am Jenni, the dyer of these amazing yarns.

How did everything happen?

In 2020, the distance school made it possible to start doing something time comsuming and new - like I didn't have anything else to do...  But who cares about school when you can knit and dye yarn? Oh no, I didn't quit school, I just rearranged my schedules!

So I started to dye yarn.

The dyeing was (and is) so inspiring and I was completely hooked from the first batch!

I had one problem: where can I get hanks to dye? I made my own hanks from regular ball of yarn. But that wasn't very effective.

So I found a seller, but I had to get a business ID. "Ok, now I am going to start my own business to get yarn in hanks. But I have always said that I am not going to be an entrepreneur. What am I doing? What is the name of my new business?"

I am a woman of action, so I filled the forms and by the end of the day I got the business ID. So exciting... and quick! And the name, what a pearl!

The name, Mokku Yarn, is actually based in an inside joke. The word mokku is - a nickname I would say - of spider. The word mokku was used in my mothers home when she was little. I am not a spider fan, but I wanted to name the business with word that doesn't mean anything to others. And I am very sure that nobody outside of my family knew the word before. Now the word Mokku means my yarn <3

At that time I lived in Pori. I had a boyfrien and I was in school studying business. But then everything changed and I moved back to my home town, Suonenjoki. I still study, but in distance.

Now I dye my yarns in small and beautiful city of Suonenjoki in Northern Savonia.

My apartment, dyeing space, warehouse and office is located in an old furniture factory. After the factory was closed, the building was changed into couple of apartments. My new dyeing space enables much larger dyeing batches.


In January 2023, after 2,5 years of yarn dyeing, the yarn business expanded even more. I opened my web shop for EU customers.

The story will continue!

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