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Vaahtokarkki colored yarns

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Product description

Vaahtokarkki (marshmallow in Finnish) is a color which can be dyed almost in any yarn base!

Beautiful and soft colors are like ment to be knitted into socks or mittens!



At the moment, Vaahtokarkki color is available in 4 yarn bases:

BFL sock, yarn info here

Glitter sock, yarn info here

Glitter sock DK, yarn info here

Zebra sock, yarn info here

Silky sock, yarn info here

Product details

Every hank is unique even when they are dyed in one pan.

We recommend hand washing. When washing the knitted product for the first time, the color may leak a little bit.

Unique colors:

Unique colors are marked with word "UNIIKKI". These colors are dyed without recipe. UNIIKKI colors are not repeatable.

Shipping costs

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